About Us

OneClick – A Humble Beginning

Chad Waldron founded OneClick in 2007, just over ten years ago. Through quality work and careful attention to our clients’ needs, we have expanded to 3 locations with over 7500 clients. We have earned the status of Certified Google Partner, Grandstream Partner, and Intel Technology Gold. We are even ranked top 20 of 286 hand-selected service businesses in the Milwaukee area by Expertise.com, based on a strict criteria of reputation, credibility, experience, availability, professionalism, and engagement.

Your One-Stop I.T. Shop

We strive to be your true one-stop technology shop, and we work to eliminate the “cross talk” that typically occurs from having several different vendors providing services for each information technology sector. This single, full-service provider philosophy has enabled us to create lasting business relationships based on high-quality work, trust, and integrity. This has set us far ahead of our competition, and has been a key factor in our growth and success.  We take significant pride in an industry-leading client retention rate earned through dedication, integrity, and service that is truly second to none.

Team Players

The OneClick Team

Chad Waldron

Visionary. Born leader. Passionate about all things I.T.  Determined to make OneClick a nationally recognized

Rob Baum
Executive VP

Unstoppable. PC game enthusiast. Creative & critical thinker. Heads the I.T. and VOIP phone department.

Bridget Waldron
Executive VP

Passion for websites & marketing. Loves new challenges. Runs the Web & SEO department.

Christian Doland
Customer Support Specialist

Strong customer support skills. Avid gamer. Is studying business management & marketing.

David Nimmer
VOIP Specialist

Rockstar VOIP skills. Background in engineering. Goes above and beyond to satisfy clients.

Doreen Waldron

Keeps the company on-task. Accounting background. Extreme couponer. Excellent customer support.

Steve Pratt
Senior SEO Specialist

Recovering technical writer. His writing skills have brought the SEO department to the next level.

Richard Mudge
Senior Website Developer

Website design guru. Award Winning. Will stop at nothing to ensure client satisfaction.

John Duwe
Customer Service Representative

30+ years I.T. experience. Outdoor entusiast. Revolutionized the residential I.T. Department.

Brent Goodson
VP of Sales

Award winning salesman. Loves all things I.T.  Goes above and beyond to meet and exceed.

Thomas Martin
Networking Specialist

Networking guru. Nationally recognized. Cisco certified. Loves a networking challenge.

Courtney Zawistowski
SEO Copywriter

Copywriter specialist. Grammar junkie. Enjoys reading, writing, movies and 80’s music.

Taylor Campbell
Digital Graphic Designer

Enjoys Graphic and Web Design. Currently a student at MATC. Loves all things anime.

John Knoernschild
Sales Representative

OneClick’s newest hire. Coming Soon!

OneClick Mascot

Mascot since 2010. Masters in Whistle Composition and Mimicry, which he applies every day.